Artisanal, unique and handcrafted, this is the Koshi Concept. The Koshi concept was originally born on May 2019, an idea developed by the fashion stylist Victoria Trakoshi. Victoria decided to develop her own brand of uniquely handcrafted limited products to decorate each and every woman’s closet. The Koshi products are keepsakes and will forever hold the story of their owners.

The brand’s essence is based on the celebration of individuality. There is not one person that is the same with another and this is what we stand for. We craft each and every product by hand; therefore not one product is the same with another. The Koshi hats are made perfect through their small imperfections; thus is what makes them unique, personal and storytellers.

Life is an extraordinary adventure.

The straw collection

The Koshi product is made for extraordinary, free-spirited and wild at heart individuals. The hats are made from toquilla straw; a plant that exclusively grows on the Ecuadorian coast and are weaved by hand. The traditional weaving of toquilla straw from Ecuador is part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

NOTE: Given the unique nature of our artisanal brand, there might be slight diversifications between each product. When ordering your hat expects light differences as a product that is made by hand cannot be replicated 100%.